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the SADDEST thing ever in an anime is when the most cool and collected character who always has their poker face on has a huge emotional breakdown and they let all of their emotions out and they’re just screaming and crying like there is nothing more upsetting than that do you understand


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Well, when you go
Don’t ever think I’ll make you try to stay
And maybe when you get back
I’ll be off to find another way

And after all this time that you still owe
You’re still the good-for-nothing I don’t know
So take your gloves and get out
Better get out
While you can


 ”Why do you always stare at me?”

Rick straightened slightly, tilting his head back, looking down his nose towards her. Although she was just slightly taller than him - damn him for having the short end of the genetic pool - he found he was always looking down his nose at her. At everyone really. But especially her. People like her tended to do the same fucking thing to him. People with fancy upbringings and what-not.

He shifted on his good leg and narrowed his eyes behind his visor. Still typing away on her digital pad, she shifted her gaze up to him, a questioning look meeting his glare. She didn’t look away, which bugged him. He’d built up the ability to perfect one mean ass glare. The fact she wasn’t scared off by it really pissed him off… And it was kind of hot.

She raised a slender brow, mocking his usual brow raise, before she looked back at her pad and tapped away at the screen. “You shouldn’t be in that gear. Your body is still adjusting to the new leg and you can’t push to hard yet,” she prattled off and he rolled his eyes, shouldering his gun and making to leave.

"I’m serious, Rick," she called out, causing him to come to a halt. "Don’t mess up that leg… Or yourself." He turned his head and looked back at her, but her back was to him as she typed away and walked around. He scoffed, but he could feel a smirk appearing before he headed on. 

That was the first time she called him by his name.


I love this pairing so much, you know? It makes me smile a lot.

"They use to chant this rhyme at him… You know how kids are. They’re worse than adults. They’ll say whatever they want… I can still here it… "Son of a Hundred Maniacs! Son of a Hundred Maniacs!"… Guess they weren’t to far off, huh?"

- Jodie Rodgers, The Fable of Freddy (Work in progress fanfiction)

Innocent Demon : My Personal Soundtrack

i. surrender by evanescence |ii. devil’s playground by gram rabbit |iii. bleed (i must be dreaming) by evanescence |iv. in the pines by janel drewis |v. where is my mind by yoav ft emily browning |vi. littlered riding hood by nine nine nine (or laura gibson) |vii. heartattack and vine by tom waits |viii. lullaby by a perfect circle |ix. lie lie lie by serj tankian |x. creep by radiohead |xi. sweet child o’ mine by taken by trees|xii. mama by my chemical romance |xiii. monster by meg & dia |xiv. sarcasm by get scared |xv. pure imagination by fiona apple |xvi. madness in me by skillet |xvii. monster by imagine dragon |xviii. trash by korn |xix. hatef—k by the bravery |xx. bang bang by 2cellos

This is for my friend tranimation, whom I sometimes help write her awesome piece “INNOCENT DEMON”. Highly recommend it to anyone whose a fan of A Nightmare on Elm Street (Remake & Original). Dark themes, excellent explanation, and great personal interpretation of what happened to before the 2010 film!

(The edits are also by Tran!)

"What’s your favorite movies from between 1960 to 2005? (No Horror!)"

Well I’d have to say my top ten (In no particular order) would have to be

  • The Wiz (1978)  
  • The Bad News Bears (1976)  
  • Raggedy Ann and Andy : A Musical Adventure (1974)  
  • Labyrinth (1984)  
  • Blow Dry (2001)  
  • Cool World (1992)  
  • The Mighty Ducks (1992)  
  • Rock-A-Doodle (1991)  
  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)  
  • Breaking Away (1979)